Wreck It Ralph Hands : ‘Wrecking Fists’

Wreck It Ralph Wrecking FistsProduct Details:

Dimensions: 13 x 6.5 x 8.5 inches
Weight ≤ 2 Pounds
Price: Around $27
Creates ‘Wreck It Ralph’ sound effects!

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These ‘Wreck It Ralph Wrecking Fists‘ are perfect for creating a Wreck It Ralph costume! Made from soft foam they are perfect for creating an amazing effect without endangering your environment or those around you; especially if it is children that are going to be wearing them!

The Wrecking Fists can be worn by both adults and children. For smaller hands the fists have small plastic bars inside of them so that smaller children can easily grab onto them and keep them from falling off.Creates Wreck It Ralph sound effects.

The fists do require 4 x AAA batteries in order for them to make the sound effects, but the good news is that your first lot of batteries are included.

These fists are the perfect accessory if you want to make your Wreck It Ralph costume really stand out from the crowd!

Customer Reviews

All of the customer reviews on Amazon make note that the Wrecking Fists are not only a perfect costume accessory, but also an excellent toy for children. The reviews also note that because of the material and the size of the fists they are perfect for both adults and children. The fists average almost 5 stars over 6 reviews at the time of writing.

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