Men’s Wreck It Ralph Overalls

Men's Wreck It Ralph OverallsProduct Details:

100% Cotton
Sizes Starting at 30W, 30L
Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Prices: Starting at around $60

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No Wreck It Ralph costume would be complete without Ralph’s trademark brown overalls. These overalls are perfect for the purpose, with adjustable straps they allow you to replicate Ralph’s signature look of having one of his overall’s straps unbuttoned clumsily at all times.

With prices beginning at just $60 these overalls are affordable enough to warrant buying for an amazing costume. However, the low price tag does not mean that these overalls are low quality; they are 100% cotton. Furthermore they have double lined knees, deep pockets and adjustable straps so they are “real” overalls in every sense and not designed for just fancy dress.

This means that after you are finished enjoying your time as Wreck It Ralph these overalls are perfect for any gardening, home improvement or other dirty chores you have to do around the house.

Customer Reviews:

These overalls receive extremely positive reviews on Amazon, averaging almost 5 stars over 60 separate customer reviews. All of the reviews note the excellent quality and feel of the overalls and how hardy they are to wear. The only thing to note out of all of the reviews is that you would probably be best buying one size up in the waist, as these are fairly slim in fit.

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