Wreck It Ralph Feet

Wreck It Ralph FeetProduct Details:

Sizing: Men’s Standard
Materials: Foam
Price: Around $20
Suitable for outdoors.

Click here for more information and sizing.

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These foam feet are perfect for creating your Wreck It Ralph costume! Ralph’s massive feet are a great part of Ralph’s look in the film, so if you really want to go the whole hog then these slippers are the perfect solution!

What we’ve found to be great with these slippers is that they go perfectly with the Wreck It Ralph Foam Hands.

Unfortunately, these slippers have been designed for the average man’s foot, rather children. If your child has large feet then you might be okay with these slippers (if anything they might look even better since they’ll be so oversized). Otherwise you may just want to go with some dark boots or shoes and it won’t detract from your costume at all.

Alternatively, you may wish to check at your local costume shop to see if they have anything similar designed for children.

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