Wreck It Ralph Eyebrows

Wreck It Ralph EyebrowsProduct Details:

Self Adhesive
Brown Felt / Faux Hair
Suitable for Adults and Children
RRP $2.50

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Wreck It Ralph is famous for his big bushy eyebrows! If you want to really go all out with your Wreck It Ralph costume then this monobrow creates an amazing effect with the rest of your costume and will make your outfit even more recognizable.

This monobrow can be worn as is, or you can cut it in half or make it shorter for it to perfectly fit your face. Because the monobrow is self-adhesive on the back it can be moulded to whatever shape you need with a simple pair of scissors. This is perfect for children who may not require the full size to achieve the look they’re after.

If you don’t already have big bushy eyebrows then this is the perfect addition to your costume!

Customer Reviews:

This is a very cheap and simple item, retailing at only a couple of dollars. However, you are still getting a quality item. The reviews of this item are all good, mentioning that the quality of the adhesive on the reverse of the monobrow is good and that the look this item gives is great!

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