Women’s Vanellope Von Schweetz Tights

Women's Vanellope Von Schweetz TightsProduct Details:

Thigh High
One Size
Green and White Stripes
Price: Around $10

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No Vanellope Von Schweetz costume would be complete without a pair of tights that look just like Vanellope’s. Whilst they tights are designed with the exact pattern that Vanellope wears in the movie they are extremely close and some of the best options that we could find.

They also have small strawberry detailing on the top of them which is very in-keeping with Vanellope’s sweet character. However, if you don’t like this effect then it is easily removed with a pair of scissors. Since these tights only cost only $10 you aren’t breaking the bank to create your costume and you don’t have to worry too much about making modifications.

The color of the stripes is as close to the mint green which Vanellope is known for as we could find. This means that it will match any hoodie that you buy to go with it will match extremely well.

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