Wreck It Ralph Table Cover

Wreck It Ralph Table CoverProduct Details:

1 Tablecloth per Pack
Dimensions: 54″ x 102″ inches
Made in the USA
Price: Around $8

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Looking for something to really add some personality to your buffet or your seating area at your child’s birthday party?┬áThis Wreck It Ralph table cover is exactly what you need!

It also has the added bonus for parents of meaning your table won’t get stained or dirty from messy little fingers, and it also makes cleaning up time much easier.

Measuring 54″ x 102″ inches this tablecloth is large enough that it is virtually guaranteed to fit your table, although you might want to measure just in case!

What is especially great about this table cover is that it goes with all of our other party supplies perfectly, matching the cups, napkins and plates exactly as they have all been created as part of the same set. Make sure to check them out to make your kid’s party even more special!

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