Official Fix It Felix Jr. Hammer and Belt Set

Fix It Felix HammerProduct Details:

Recommended Age: 3+ Years
Adjustable Elastic Strap
Officially Licensed
Price: Around $60

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The most iconic part of any Fix It Felix Jr.’s costume will always be his golden hammer. Capable of fixing at any item with just one touch this hammer should come in handy in a whole host of situations and really take any Fix It Felix costume to next level!

This hammer comes with an adjustable, Velcro waist strap which means it should fit any child that wants to wear it. However, we don’t recommend this item for adults as it will almost certainly be too small. For those of you who still want to dress up and have a Fix It Felix hammer then we’ve got some items that will help you make your own! This may also be a good option for those of you who think that the price tag of the item is perhaps a little bit too high.

This Fix It Felix Jr. hammer and belt set has some added bonuses that your own home made version won’t be able to conjure up, for instance when you press a button on the hammer you will hear some sound effects from the movie!

The hammer will:

  • Say “I can fix it!” in Fix It Felix Jr.’s voice.
  • Make hammer sound effect when it makes contact with something else.
  • Play a short tune from the movie when a switch is turned on.

Customer Reviews:

The customer reviews for this toy are very positive; averaging just under 5 stars from 9 reviews at the time of writing. Customers note that the item is well made and safe for children to use around the house due to its foam construction.

Most importantly perhaps, all of the reviews mention how much children love playing with this toy, so it is bound to get some use even after Halloween or your fancy dress party!

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