Children’s Fix It Felix Jr. Leather Gloves

Children's Fix It Felix Jr. Leather GlovesProduct Details:

Made from soft, suede leather.
Sizes: 4 Years +
Elasticated Wrists
Keystone Thumbs

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Felix It Felix Jr. is a hard working soul, meaning he always need to be equipped with his trusty gloves in case he ever needs to get busy and do some fixing. No Fix It Felix Jr. costume would be complete without a pair of brown gloves to add a finishing touch.

These gloves are very affordable, starting at just $12 and they are the closest we could find for children to those that Fix It Felix wears in the movie. They are also well made; the fact they are made from 100% leather and from a well known brand like G&F means that you can rest assured that these gloves will be well made and comfortable.

Customer Reviews:

The reviews for these gloves are very good; averaging over 4 stars in 36 reviews you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality item. Some customer reviews even remark that these are the perfect color and design for a Fix It Felix Jr. costume!

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