Boy’s Blue Fix It Felix Jr. Shirt

Boys Fix It Felix ShirtProduct Details:

60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
Machine Washable
Sizes: 8-20
Prices starting at $7.99

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A bright blue, short-sleeved shirt is essential for any Fix It Felix Jr. costume. This shirt is one of the cheapest examples that we could find that was also the closest to Fix It Felix’s shirt. We feel that prices beginning at just $7.99 isn’t too much, even if you’re going to just use it the once for a costume.

This shirt comes in a range of sizes, beginning at 8 and ending at 20, so it is suitable for most children. The shirt is also good quality, being soft and durable during to being composed from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This means that the shirt is machine washable and easy to iron and get ready to wear.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews left for this shirt are all extremely positive with all of them coming in at 5 stars. Perhaps most importantly of all the reviews, one buyer mentions that they even bought this shirt themselves as part of a Fix It Felix Jr. costume! They mention that it was the perfect colour and fit and that their child was very happy with the overall look when the costume was finished!

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