Adult’s Leather Fix It Felix Jr. Tool Belt

Adult's Fix It Felix Jr. Tool BeltProduct Details:

Seude Leather
Nylon Belt with Plastic Buckle
Suitable for 29″ – 46″ inch waist.
Price: Around $13

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No Fix It Felix Jr. costume is complete without Felix’s trusty tool belt! The perfect place to store your shiny golden hammer when you aren’t busy instantly fixing the mess that Wreck It Ralph has been making!

This tool belt is suitable for anyone with a waist size between 29″ and 46″ inches. The pouch is also the perfect colour when compared with Fix It Felix Jr.’s outfit from the movie, meaning that this is the perfect accessory for you and your costume.

Despite the low price tag of around $13 at the time of writing, this isn’t a costume item and is made to be durable and ergonomic. So if you’re the type of person that loves DIY or gardening then this tool belt will serve you well after your time as Fix It Felix too!

Customer Reviews:

Whilst there are no reviews for this item relating to it being used as a costume piece there are currently 17 reviews, all of which are very positive about this tool belt. Reviews comment on the quality of the leather and how this product is well made overall. You can rest assured that aren’t wasting your money with this piece for your costume!

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